RLCA Agreement

55 PA CODE CHAPTERS 3270.123 & 181(c); 3280.123 & 181(c)

Name of Child
Payment will be made weekly. Payment will be made on Monday.
Services to be provided as part of the child care fee:

Child care, Meals, Trips, and Education

Child's Arrival Time
Child's Departure Time
Late fee per min/hr:

There will be a late fee of $5.00 per 15 minutes.

Person(s) designated by parent to whom child may be released
Extra services to be provided at an additional fee if applicable
I, the parent/guardian:

Received complete written program information at the time of enrollment. (3270.121, 3280.121,3290.121)

Agree to update the emergency contact/parental consent from information whenever changes occur or every 6 months at a minimum. (3270.124, 3280.124, 3290.124)

As per this agreement it is your responsibility to fulfill the requirements of this contract. Which requires you to make full payment regardless of absenteeism, and holidays on a weekly basis.