RLCA Media Release Form

I am a parent or guardian of a child/children attending Resurrected Life Children's Academy and I agree to the following statement.
I understand that my child(ren) whose name(s) are listed below may be photographed at the Daycare during normal daycare hours, field trips, or activities. I understand that these photographs may be used in promoting childcare services, either in print or on the Internet.
The child(ren) are known as:
With my signature below I grant permission for my child(ren) to be photographed, or their images recorded for print or electronic use in promoting the Daycare’s services. I understand that it is my responsibility to update this form in the event that I no longer wish to authorize the above uses. I agree that this form will remain in effect during the term of my child’s enrollment. I understand that there will be no payment for me or my child’s participation in this release.
Opt out of photographs