JOB PURPOSE: Develop and implement classroom programming within the context of the agency mission and philosophy and current best practice to achieve the program goals and standards. Partner with parents to respond to each enrolled child.

Specific Responsibilities:
⦁ Implement educational programming within program philosophy and in accordance with all RLCA Performance Standards, Pennsylvania Learning Standards for early childhood accreditation and licensing requirements to support the social/emotional (mental health) and developmental needs of each child.
⦁ Demonstrate and teach child development to parents, volunteer, and staff and intentionally apply principles to programming.
⦁ Engage children and extend learning based on assessment and planning.
⦁ Plan and maintain an integrated classroom environment and materials in response to the enrolled children and ensure organization, cleanliness and safety in all classrooms.
⦁ Orient families/ parents, volunteers and other staff to the classroom and programming.
⦁ Partner with each parent for child’s development and education in the home and classroom environments through home visit and parent-teacher conferences.
⦁ Complete screenings, observations, assessments, portfolios, education plans as scheduled and maintain up-to-date documentation in children’s files.
⦁ Integrate implementations of individualized planning for each child and as well as for children with special needs/ disabilities.
⦁ Analyze observation and assessments to plan for each individual child weekly.
⦁ Know and practice positive approaches to guide behaviors toward the development of self-regulation and active involvement in learning in the classroom.
⦁ Complete appropriate record keeping and reporting as indicated within designated timeframes.
⦁ Problem-solve daily classroom operational issues.
⦁ Work flexible hours including evenings to meet family and program needs.
⦁ Ensure classroom meets RLCA Performance Standard, Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood, accreditation, and DPW standards, PA Key stars and maintain necessary documentation.
⦁ Coordinate, plan for, and train classroom volunteers, including parents, students and community members.
⦁ Plan and work towards own professional growth.
⦁ Mentor Classroom staff in their understanding and implementation of the program’s educational philosophy.
⦁ Attend identified staff development activities.
⦁ Perform other duties as assigned by Early Child Education Director.

⦁ Customer Focus: Create facilitative, caring partnering relationship with children, their families and community.
⦁ Individual Skill Development/ Performance Understanding: Move performance from one level of competence to the next.
⦁ Interpersonal Skills: Work well with others.
⦁ Leadership and Management: Productive, does quality work in designated time frames and promotes agency philosophies and approaches of Christian studies.

⦁ Three years classroom experience.
⦁ Demonstrated ability to practice and model program’s educational philosophy.
⦁ Associates or bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field.
⦁ Spanish bi-lingual preferred.
⦁ Ability to and carry a minimum of 50 lbs. in order to assist children as needed and to move equipment and materials.
⦁ Ability to ascend and descend stairs and assist children in ascending and descending stairs on the bus and in the buildings/home.
⦁ Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work with individuals and varying economic, educational and cultural backgrounds.
⦁ Ability to meet all required Conditions of Employment According to Personnel Policies.
⦁ Ability to recognize and appreciate diversity.
⦁ Commitment to work with low income families/children.
⦁ Ability to maintain confidentiality.
⦁ Ability to communicate, organizes, maintain records and use technology.
⦁ Ability to flex work hours to meet program needs
⦁ Ability to Receive and respond to agency telephone contacts in a timely manner.
⦁ Ability to incorporate Christian principles into daily lesson planning.
⦁ Ability to be confidential with staff, students and parents.
⦁ Ability to be compassionate towards students and others.
⦁ Ability to maintain a calm, inviting and professional environment.
⦁ Ability to be able to take directions even if you do not agree with the directives, as long as it does not concern safety of students.

Reports to: Director of Early Childhood Education.
Status: Non-Exempt
Salary: starting $35,000
Additional Benefits

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